We believe our designs are the best on the market because we have combined scientific data with an artistic dimension to make beautiful yet accurate renderings. We use the latest NASA data and algorithms to compute precisely the positions of the planets and dwarf planets, as well as their orbital paths. We have tested our output extensively against results available on JPL's systems because we strive for the best quality and accuracy. 

We then process the numbers in a 3d projection to generate a depiction of the Solar System that is unique to the date you requested. No two different dates produce the same design, that's why SpaceTime Coordinates products are so distinctive and personal. We generate the graphics uniquely and carefully for each order we receive to make sure that your STC item represents *your* special place in space and time.



SpaceTime Coordinates is a company funded in 2017 by govy and martin vézina.

the first STC project was launched on Kickstarter in Summer 2015. it got 83660% funded and won the 2016 Golden A' Design Award

the Mementos series launched on Kickstarter later in 2016. it was as popular as the first campaign, and has been awarded the 2016 Bronze A’ Design Award.


govy is an award-winning French artist based in Tokyo. 
she was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum in 2013. her obsession with Space and Time led her to work on the first STC prototypes in 2014.

martin vézina is a Canadian developper, passionate about history as well as science.
in 2013, he created jsOrrery an interactive simulator of the Solar System.